Jayson's Poem

Written by: laura Hew

He has all of the strength of Mars the God of War
His Tiger Eyes Gemstones
Were ornaments that the Romans Adorned
To protect themselves from mortal peril
and the windows to his ancient soul
raven hair that Niagara Falls over his eyes..................
what other way can I express it that he is
he is breathtakingly beautiful
Other than.. for a poets rhythmic brain to turn into Jello

He slowly saunters 
Fedora on his crown he’s the king.
3,000 dollar suit fashion, Jason Derullo’s got nothing  on him
His whispers make the women sway like ballerinas tempted by the wind.
He makes my heart beat faster than Ratatat's Percussion
He will make you purr louder than a playful Kitten
His laughter truly defines him, his bubble gum pink cheeks were made for kissing. 

Tsunami Surfing and taking chances on the uncertain
Like Socrates he is my teacher of what it is to be Living.
Fear is only something of our human minds creation
In this war against the Cancer he will win
His Tiger Eyes forever shielding him