The Greater Good

Written by: Reese Giroux

Another year has gone on bye
But is it really time to wave away
All of the good times and those days?

As you know some may be ones to forget
That defiantly isn?t all
Maybe there are some that aren?t so pleasant 
Ones filled with boring discontent
But there are always those great ones
That always seem to go bye way too fast
Everyone knows that great feeling
Just don?t think of it as a days ending
Think of it as a beginning 
One that takes you and pushes you on
So while you move through the bad days
There is always something to reflect on
The same thing that you always have
The great friends that are always there for you
The warm embrace of your family
And last but not least, the love of your life

So remember these while days fade
And you will indubitably be great!