That Which You Critcize Is That Which You Become #2

Written by: Kim Hilliker

Judgment destroys our harmony. Judging corrupts our spiritual integrity. Being judged tears 
at our soul. All are simultaneous and instantaneous. At the moment judgment is passed upon 
another being or situation, the essence of our existence is diminished. We move from a 
higher to a lower spiritual plane in the universe as the attack is felt emotionally by all parties 
in the form of synchronized fear or shame. Each experience happens in varying degrees. It 
is through experiencing what we criticize that redemption is allowed to take place. Empathy 
replaces scrutiny and love transcends superiority. Such a phenomenon does not happen 
overnight and oftentimes numerous transgressions are employed before such states are 
The fortunate learn to understand the cycles of karma and the parts they play by undergoing 
various levels of transformation. When we endure that which we judge, we identify with 
another’s plight and learn to sympathize with the condition that we damned. We move from 
feeling superior to a place of kinship. Once this is realized, judgment is made with more 
caution and our insights become more introspective. We become enlightened by the notion 
that it is more advantageous to look within ourselves and strive to be more conscientious of 
doing good works than to look outside of ourselves for fault. Others are oblivious to this 
notion and choose to ignore the opportunity to evolve, thereby stunting the cycling process. 
In these cases of stagnation, there is no remedy for the error of estimation. It’s not until we 
walk in another’s shoes that we appreciate the circumstance. If no correlation is recognized 
between the judgment and the similar experience, no awakening takes place and, therefore, 
no lesson is learned.