Coyote Fiction

Written by: Skyy Allen

Gushers pouring all around
Beating drums come thundering 'round
Stifled by a man I do not know--I've never seen

Feeling a familiar feeling long since passed
Forgetting where my journey is supposed to take me
Distracted by my heart
Giving in to sinking feelings of love & adoration

Lost in a web of contradiction
Fighting thoughts of grief & benediction
Living a mundane life made-up of fiction
Transfixed in the aftermath before it's begun
Fixated on the past, never living in the present

My heart belongs to Daniel; my soul belongs to God
Caught in a tug of war between happiness & sin
Always mute for fear of scorn
The feeling is forlorn for I cannot confess my love
I cannot christen my heart for fear of treason

I confess my love for God with my lips, but my heart is far from him
I unknowingly surrendered my heart into the hands of the cunning deceitful coyote
He came to me in a dream masked as an angel of light
He whispered words of flattery & charm: he lulled me into his arms
He captivated me with his words of love & blue eyes of sincerity
He vowed to be everything I needed, in exchange I do the same
His name resonates every time I think of him

Standing in the sun, fading into the light
Wallowing in tainted memories of a promise that never came
He left me without a heart
He corrupted any hope for a true love.