Which of two?

Written by: Troy Bonono

Is it right to give up?
Giving up the things that you hade
Made promise?
Things that you looked forward
In the near future,
Things that you had planed already,

But, during in the
Midst of doing the things for that plan,
you had realized
That it’s not your passion,
Will you dear to give and sacrifice
for your real dream in life?

Two things I am thinking of,
Giving up and finding my passion,
Continuing this sorrow of mine,

If I give up,
The assurance of finding it is not secure,
And I will be regretting
In my entire life,
if i can't find it.
Oh, how cruel life is,

If I let go of my passion
And continue this
I will not also secure that
I will be finishing
For I know in my mind that
I am
Pushing my self,
Keep fooling that this is
What am I looking for,
But its not,
I know!

Where will I go?
What will I follow?