My heart just Said

Written by: Mahnoor Riaz Khan

Last night my heart just said
My soul screamed to be dead
And I just went to bed
My mind is still not here
Its lost in memories there
Death's not now a big dare
Life should be now all fair
That's all what my heart said

Life's decisions are like a plane
Which may leads you up high
And may make u to die
Like bird you fly in sky
And make your head up high

May sparrows seems u down
So be the eagle up town
Be like a star my lad
And give helpless your shed
Don't make your self to be used as lend
At wrong please never bend

Hey! make your heart held tight
And feel yourself so light
Like moon you 'ill feel so bright
Just make decisions right
And hold the thread of life's kite
Look! take my words as cite
So you 'ill reach at heights

My dear I want you to lead
Just call me when you need
I'm always there indeed
Life's like a sun that rise
And make you feel so wise
One day it may will set
But don't worry you 'ill get,
All in your luck I bet
Don't run behind finance
May it will ruin your sence