Ancestor's Prize

Written by: Mahnoor Riaz Khan

One day my eyes were filled
Why people are not mild
How trust could be now build
Can you in society be chilled
See relations are been now killed
One day my eyes were filled

All having dreadful eyes
And thinking themselves wise
Making their weapons rise
Is that our ancestor's prize
All are being fake but nice
Hey its a political dise

They don't get themselves guide
Oh its a topic wide
We don't see for a bide
Just make our crime to hide
And take a good dream ride

Leaders are at wrong side
They haven't gone through good cites
How could they then lit lights
If they 'ill be in money fights
What can we do to reach heights
This thought made people fright

Is government going to take their bites
Don't take all this so lite
And make your heart pure and tight
Just fight for your aim's flight
And make your country's kite ,
To fly up in bright lights

Let youth now led the car
To make our futures better far
And make this world free of wars