Written by: Ronald Bingham

Just a few hours old and her outlook grim,
Not fully developed her little limbs.
A premature child snatched from her dead mothers womb,
Caused by a drug overdose the doctors presume.

This poor baby child, blind and alone,
Makes you really wonder why this seed was ever sewn.
The mother was a lady of the night with a habit to serve,
Now the baby is born with problems she does not deserve.

Drugs and disease have devastated this child,
Because her mother chose a lifestyle wicked and wild.
The child probably wont make it, least those are the odds,
The doctor said pending a miracle straight from our God.

As hours tick by the little child loses the fight,
And another small soul vanishes into the night.
This story I made up with more truths than of lies,
And the only question I ask, is it really worth it and why?