Someday I Hope to See

Written by: Ronald Bingham

Someday I hope to see our Savior face to face,
And look upon the man who suffered in my place.
To look upon those hands, scarred but full of love,
That felt the wrath of man, yet begged for our forgiveness from His Father up above.

I’m not so very smart, it’s hard to understand,
Why we would want to pierce those precious loving hands.
Whose touch would heal the sick, make the lame walk again,
What was His greatest wrong? Sharing His love with all mortal men!

Thirty pieces of silver, a sum that no one can repay,
Paid to a man named Judas, twas Jesus he must betray.
And even some that walked with Him would say they knew Him not,
Scared by those that hated Him, so quickly they forgot.

Although He died a mortal death and laid there in that tomb,
Three days He would rise again from that place of gloom.
And walked amongst His Disciples and told them what to do,
He ascended into the clouds to be with God and to wait for me and you.