Rebellious Voyage

Written by: isa mahrie

Shadows of fading Clouds
Staring on Ice tubes
As People proclaims goodness 
Sent me a receipt and stamp 
Another Common hypocrisy
Creating a false and confuse universe 
Interesting game 

Listen to the poets songs 
The dancing dragon
Are we restricted to express
A Cage of Morality ?
A Bondage of Art Humanity ?
In the name of holy hypocrisy...

O! Liberating  Universe 
Remind Us 
You and me are free Souls
Sons and Daughters of freedom 
Share your nude souls 
In our Rebellious Voyage 

A liberated
Souls and Artists
Crafting our destiny
Unrestricted Pen and Ink 
Unite then triumph shall it be!

This poem inspired by rules Which will limited our expression capability 

Christmas night 09