For Uncle Kenny: July, 1952- December, 2009

Written by: Donna Golden

How do I say goodbye?
I'm nowhere near ready to let go
How do I come to terms
With the loss of one that I've loved so?

Never did it come to mind
That you'd have to leave so soon
I thought I'd have another chance
To sing old Baez tunes

You weren't supposed to leave just yet
With so many songs unsung
I've cherished memories of you
From the days when I was young

So many times you took me
To the latest movie show
And gladly let me tag along
Wherever you would go

You helped me to believe in me
When others seemed to doubt
And encouraged me to use my mind
For figuring things out

You told me truths about myself,
Urged me stretch and grow
You made all the difference
Oh, Lord, I hope you know

You saw me with such loving eyes;
Never once made me feel less
I hope you recall the times I've said
That my life you have blessed

But Uncle, I can rejoice today
In knowing you are free
And that your crown will hold a jewel
You've earned by loving me

In loving memory of Kenneth Charles Brewster. 

I will cherish you always, Uncle Kenny!

Your favorite niece (wink).....