Written by: Beau Regard

I hug you in the morning because it starts my day off right.
I hug you before I go to bed so I will have sweet dreams.

I hug you before breakfast because it makes my cereal taste better.
I hug you after dinner because you help me with the dishes.

I can’t hug you at lunch when I’m at work,
so I hug you as soon as I get home because I missed you.

I hug you when you’re tired because I think it helps.
I hug you when you’re sad because I wish I could make things better.

I hug you in the elevator, to make the best use of time.
I hug you before you get ready, because I always think you’re pretty.

I hug you after church because that’s what Jesus would do.
I hug you when I think of family to make up for lost time.

I hug you even when you don’t want me to, because I love you
I hug you every chance I get, because it wouldn’t be any fun without you.

*Written on the left side of the Christmas card I gave my wife, 2009.  Our first Christmas