Written by: Kelly Zakerski

To Everyone on have all blessed me with your kind words of 
encouragement.  It has been such a treasure to have found this website and all of you.  I am 
a firm believer that things are meant to be and there is a reason for everything that happens 
to us.  It may not be what we expect or want, yet the plan is bigger and better then we could 
ever imagine.  As I'm sure you can tell by my poems that my life hasn't been exactly what I 
dreamt it would ever be.  I thank the Good Lord everyday for my two teenage, beautiful 
children (although there are days... LOL).  

I'm going through an extremely rough patch right now so it has been so exciting to see that 
my "Letting Go" poem has made it through the 1st round of the contest.  It is because of all 
of you that I continue to write - it shows me that it definitely helps getting everything off my 
chest and on paper.  

Thank you again for ALL of YOUR support and love and may you all have a blessed 2010 and 
a VERY Merry Christmas!!!!