A Glass Of Wine, A Thought, A Meaning

Written by: Shawn Sackman

It’s amazing how a simple glass of wine,
Can unleash a hidden thought or meaning
You’d think as much as I’ve consumed in life, 
I would have a tome that’s gleaming 

Full of wise, sagacious oratory 
Of thoughts that help the mind
But maybe it’s all piffle, of the wrong kind

You see it’s a very simple thing, 
If you’re a writer from the heart
It doesn’t matter how or if you cloud it, 
It may someday become someone’s art

God has provided us one of many bounties, the grape
That sometimes helps unleash the sometimes hidden shape
Of some very blessed minds from the most blessed of us all
It may be a way to help reach our true selves, or sometimes break through a wall

So now that I’ve made this potentially absurd assertion
It’s time to prove the theory, with some not so perfect allocution
Of some wise, thoughtful insight into a single glass of wine 
For without passion and effort in the making 
It may not enable the divine

So maybe try a glass of the fermented grape 
When next you feel the block of the writer, 
And when others read your work thereafter, 
Things may turn out brighter.