Written by: orphani ..........o

Slits the dark throat
Of day
Light bleeds
Into morning windows
Begging bones through the dirty glass
street traffic
Seeking even the garbage can lids Essent dislocation

Hiding shadows beneath a shining disinfectant
A woman’s body washes off
The draining water of filth
college money

Pristine illuminated office 
100 floors up the skyline heaven
christian – Dior rich fag
Still sits on a toilet
Manhattan above the plumbing fixtures

The precise silence sleepless clocks  
cold calculation ,relentless
In it’s gathering mouth
The  wheat  priced out from the walled street
Up again shit

Tattoo shell game of law – clean shirt tie covered
Rateing  interests
mobility at the speed of foreclosure
Rattling  bars till Bills liqueur store opens
And ties me another bag of endings