My Confession before a calf


I am a sinner you know
I was a devil in my past
I am confessing my guilty before you
to get a small relax from the present fears
They are chasing even in my dreams
to rescue my mind, I am confessing here
Black and dark days coming ahead to me
Light is not there and only dark dominates in my roads
My Calf! My dear most
Take me to the world of peace and
Get me His rescuing grace
Though I am a sinner and corrupted soul
Love is there to Him and fear is there on His words
Call Him to save me from this dark
Ask Him to relieve from this Hell
I doubt, will He come to call and
Will he hear my cries with grace?
As a sinner and cruel 
I ‘ve lost a chance to call Him to confess

As a beloved noble soul
He will come to your call and
He will hear your words as a Lord
Call Him My calf to accept my confession