On The Move

Written by: Ingrid Laymann

like a plane 
high above the clouds  
in the thin air of
an empty sky
crossing continents 
I’m aiming at a place I do not know 

the guests I carry may 
not always feel at ease in
my plain seats
but they should know to be
quite safe
although there might be

they watch the pictures I am able to present
wasting no time 
to find out what may keep this aircraft
on the move 
they are lulled to slumber
by the muffled howl of
my busy engines
from time to time 
I find another empty seat 
still with the imprint of a passenger
I had appreciated as 
a permanent companion as
a friend
who then preferred to change planes in mid-air 
I need to keep my seat belt fastened
trying to fly on