Devil's Crossing

Written by: Beau Regard

Early the hour, before the sunrise.
Groggy from the rigors of moral stress.
I found myself quite numb with sullen eyes.
After a night, fighting my demoness.

She had me bound to a bottle of drink.
Which I could not escape, alcoholic.
And with my grog, like any dog would think,
I hit the bricks for chicks that would frolic.

And like some tales with a moral conflict,
The Lord was working on a plan for me
To find my way back to holy edict
And leave my demons by the burning sea.

The plot was different than you might surmise.
Instead of showing the light, he showed me
The dark, how clever the Lord in his guise.
Loosing the imp to meet me so early.

In the morning, foggy, loom and low sight.
Mephistopheles met me on the road.
Shadowy and dark as pitch, Hell was right
Beside me as I rode, my soul to goad.

A thing of black and hate was standing there
Looking at me, looking at my meager soul.
Dear God!  My soul!  It wants my soul to bare!!!
No dream, no drink!  This is real, this black hole!

I fled, rushing past it, just out of reach.
The hideous darkness nodded toward me,
And I scrambled for my life past the breach.
And away!  AWAY!  No look back to see. 

It was miles before I caught my breath.
With time to think, I had no doubts on this.
Satan himself was given course to set 
About pulling my soul to the abyss.

The Lord must have only given a pass
To let the dark be seen, but not to take.
The Devil did oblige ever so crass.
He scared out the evil for Heaven’s sake.


Early on a foggy, pre-dawn morning in February, 2007 while driving through Rand, West 
Virginia I saw something that terrified me to my core standing just off the edge of the road.  
I realize how this sounds, but given the circumstances of my life at the time, I firmly believe 
that what I saw that morning was Satan himself.  I haven’t been the same since, changed for 
the better.