mathimatical love definition

Written by: Sara Khaled

Integration and defrentiation,
Are all forms of a new equation.

Why add things that should be subtracted,
Things that are in no way related.

Lets just drop them out of the equation,
And help multiply our infatuation.

An infatution that isnt limited,
No due date and wont be submitted.

Nothing can reduce it,
For us it makes a perfect fit.

It is memorized like "1+1=2",
Engraved in our hearts as "I love you".

Whether squared or under a root,
Always so strong like a gun ready to shoot.

It intersects our being,
And on that point im relying.

To our hearts its a direct bisector,
With time it is a vector.

As important as the "e",
As sweet as the sugar in your tea.

Cant be substituted by a "y",
To compare it with anything would be a lie.

The depth can not be calculated,
But from our eyes it can be estimated.