Poetry is Pornography

Written by: Mickey White

Well, is this poem doing it for you?

Should I dress it up in black lace and garters
and shakily strut my stuff in haughty heels
for your emotional erection?

Just what I thought,
a pathetic poetry pervert,
another silent stalker
eavesdropping in the thick midnight,
snooping through shameful shadows

(hold on while I reapply the crimson lipstain)

Oh, you like it like that?

I’ll do whatever you need to get you to 
feed and suck 
on this saccharine heroin

Here, let’s get it over with

Slide the drapes closed will you?

     Under darkness, over muffled traffic 
     come crawling wet mouth sounds . . .

That’s right
I just caught you gawking in shock 
at the silhouette moaning my depravity

What, are you done?  

Then roll back over
and let me shake in your vacant silence.