Love Story

Written by: Mickey White

Our love begins
like the shy child that turns from a kind eye,
stealing peeks through timid smiles,
or the sleeking bronze fawn that stills at the sounds of soft winter rainfalls.
But cool waters stir, and the golden dawn warms the chilled morning air.
Emerald jays awaken to join the light dances,
kindling pastel petals to stretch and sigh,
glowing as they unfold the day.

The tumbling earth now lurches, and the scorned sun mounts the sky,
while crimson orchids quiver and cower below,
The heat and hatred of the world rains down,
pools into our souls, and they suffocate,
sinking slowly into breathless oblivion.

Grace awakens, light changes, softens,
and hands of white fire reach down
into our very hearts,
illuminate our hopeless corners,
and carry the darkness away on the peaceful night winds.
We wake within this quiet moonlight,
our love reborn again
beneath the silent stars of our Father.