Sad day's of Christmas

Written by: John Streeter

Yes the Catheolic's will have their day, so do the Protestent and the Baptish and also
    the Christian's are all subject to see sad day's. Yes-yes happiness is an adjective de-
    scribing a feeling that becomes seen on the faces of all that celebrate Christmas in
    their own way. In their own way, face's tend to hide just what is going on in their lives
   as pain or some tragedy has happen, and now all the commercialism of this particu-
    lar day (Christmas) is more convind and the more serious picture is doctrinated in their
    minds. Some mother's on this day may find it hard, a child is gone and somewhere even
   walking thru the crowded malls, there's still an emptiness that the pagentry of the holi-
    day's doesn't miss the heartache or a good gesture of kindness want replace.
    The story tells us in our bible that he's the sacrificial lamb of life that shall die for the
    sinner's you and I and even the great new's of the Messiah, born in Bethlehem can not
   stop the flow of tears when the Catheolic's, Protestent, Baptish and all the many different
    religious folks realize they had killed the son of God. "Sad day's of Christmas, Jesus you
    are that gift that bring's gladness of everlasting to the real reason this mad-mad world of
   envious and child-molesters and all kinds of truculent people's that have turn your birth-
    day to a day that they tried to implicate into the wicketness of their own sickness". So
    Mom's and Dad's this Christmas season if for whatever reason you are sad this day, rem-
   ember Jesus loves you and from the richness of Heaven did he come, he comes to reunite
    from the seperation. Mankind he tells-us, "I am the truth and the light, no man can come
    to the father, less he come through Me". With every tear-drop there is prayer, and with
   every sad moment, he's the atonement of joy and with hug's and kisses, "he is the Lamb    
    of Gladness!!".