New Years Day... I promise?

Written by: Jay Anderson-Taylor

On this day I have forged a new goal, it is 

an eternal promise made from my soul. With 

honest eyes and good intent, it was a my 

promise to myself that I really meant. A 

better me and a new destination, no more 

foolishness and no more frustrations. I 

leave behind me much aggravation and oh 

yes, let me not forget my old temptations. 

I also promise to make it to my holy place 

each and every seventh day? Except if there 

is a good football game... and maybe an 

occasional rainy day? Well maybe I'm being a 

little hard on myself? An occasional curse 

word has never hurt and maybe I could have 

just one last drink? Come to think of it... 

maybe next year I could do these things? Yes,

these promises I have made will be my goal for next

New Years Day!