The Soul


The Soul     [ itself speaking with us]
I am speaking in your silence and
thinking in your trans 
I am working even in your sleeps but
You can’t see me in your noise
I am very closer to My Father and
My Origin is That heaven
You can’t believe me and 
You can’t accept my existence
Though you believe or not
I am in you of course!I am in you.
Up to believing your knowledge
you can’t see  and experience  me
I am very closer to you  but
too far away to your knowledge and 
 Your Love and grace are my rewards
I f you train yourself to feel me or
           to experience my existence 
You will be very closer to Him and
                          to His Kingdom
It is a pity of the world
Trillions are living and dying
In the ignorance of my existence
I am same in all lives 
No such huge difference 
          Between you and a worm 
I can travel and leave your shell
          at any second
There from that moment  
         you are just a junk of this earth