Rent in Declarations

Written by: Keabetswe Molotsi

Home is where the heart is,
And I should know where that is
But you're the one who keeps it true
So home for me is you.

Now I'm evicted from your side,
I'm lost in ways i can't describe.
I wander at a dead man's pace;
I'm tracing what my soul's displaced.

Oh help me find you one again,
I'll run through hail and snow and rain.
I'll pay my rent in declarations,
of my love and all such notions.

Oh let me knock upon your door,
I'll crawl to you down on the floor.
Just to have another chance,
Just to have another glance.

I'll cry the rivers and the seas,
Darling, show me mercy please!
I'll pay my rent in declarations
of the funny occupations
I endured to make a penny,
that I might sleep beneath your roof.

I stand here soaked in rainy guilt,
admit me to the house you built!
I'll burst right through the door-
I will belt ballads through the night-
the Righteous Brothers will delight
In my Unchained Melodies.
Romantic parodies...

I'll pay my rent in declarations
In the tongue of all the nations
How I love you

Mmmm, Je t'aime

Oh, Te quiero

Ay, Ti amo.

I'll pay, I'll pay.

'Till you let me stay