The True Beauty of the Butterfly

Written by: Krista Kurth

Imagine being so 
compelled by circumstance 
that you must wrap yourself in a tight cocoon 
of your own making
just to survive. 

Surrendering your life,
as you know it, to some unknown
future form that you cannot see because
your mind is blank and your body 
is eating itself alive. 

Until enough time passes,
in isolation, that all your cells 
have turned themselves inside out 
and been altered into an alien
gossamer shape.

Feeling trapped by  
the silken shell you have woven 
around yourself, you chafe against your confines
with your newly winged being,
slowly breaking through. 

your extreme makeover,
you carefully unfurl your shimmering sails, waiting 
until you are strong enough 
to catch the wind.