Chemistry Lecture

Written by: Sara Khaled

Bored to death,
Understanding nothing in this mess.

The things we take is to much,
Waiting for the hour when we can go out for lunch.

The head spins when hearing such a thing,
And the ear starts to ring.

Things get reduced and things gets increased,
The doctor keeps talking and everyone else sleeped.

Wanting to run away,
And never stop till we reach the safety bay.

Chained to our chair and unable to move around,
With the buzz of the doctor as the only sound.

Why cant we just go out?
Talk and have fun and walk about.

Daydreaming about the outer world,
That is waiting for us to be explored.

Missing the gardens and the sun,
While sitting in lectures that are far from fun.

Imprisoned between four walls,
Not allowed to go out to the halls.

Not concentrating or paying attention,
Not caring about what our prisoner mention.

The growing tension can be cut,
If only his mouth can be shut.

But here we are sitting in this hell,
Until atast we hear the bell.