Written by: dharmy della

Most times when loneliness alooms and no one seems to be available, you don't feel like 
sleeping neither do you feel like reading a ovel nor seeing movies, gurls try something else...

*Reading their text messages (love msg's)
*Looking through a picture album or starring at the pix of her boyfriend or EX and even 
*Thinks of what she needs and how to get it
*Try different cloths on(her latest outfit)
*Remembers her first kiss or the last sex she had. If she's a virg,she day dreams about 
when she would have ot and also with whom..
*Learning new songs if she's a music freak
*Thinking of what to wear tomorrow and next.
*How to look pretty and attract more guys to her(if she's a *****)
*Some are so weird they stare at themselves in the mirror NAKED!
*Join a site(friendship or any other) view pix of only cute guys and add them.

Loneliness is really a bad thing. You can imagine what it does.
A gurl's life is really complicated...

Always booting...
Always scanning...
Adding, deleting and reformating.
A gurl's world... What a world..!!