Written by: dharmy della

I wake heavy hearted,
I drink my tears
And eat my worries.

Now on my knees,
Looking up to the ceiling
Keeping mute.

I look out the window
All i couls see was shackles around me
I am so in a bondage.

I take a look at myself,
I could see a small church rat
Facing a big cat (the world)

I step out in fear
Thinking i wouldn't return
As i walked aimlessly.

Lost in thoughts,
Thoughts of everything
Everything imaginable.

After long hours of walk,
I returned to my shade
As i counted my losses...

Night fall as i refused to sleep
After sleep makes another day...
Its doig the same thing over again, i'm tired of it.

Whats the use?
Despite all these, i still thank God.
Above all, i live everyday as if it were my last.
Hoping that someday the sun would rise again and the pain would pain...