Written by: dharmy della

It's funny,
when we are asked questions and we don't seem to get it. we end up only to find out that the 
answer lies within the alphabet of A-Z.

It's funny,
how often we wonder how much is in our bank account or how much you dream of owing 
only to descover the answer is within the figure range.

It's funny, 
how easy it is to make choices when it comes to the things we want, be it material or non 
material but we find it pretty difficult choosing an answer to an objective question.

It's funny, 
how time flies when we bother ourselves asking ourselves when this year would end only to 
look back and smile that it was just yesterday.

It's funny,
how our choices vary with age forgetting the fact that when it gets to an age, we become 
choiceless and we take things the way it is either good or bad.

It's funny,
how people learn. shared self experience sounds crappy but learning the hard way is a 
better option.

It's funny,
how this is funny that someone greatly concerned funnily wrote this unfunny talk in a 
humurous way. YIKES!!!

P.S Don't forget the lesson with the humor... thats if you think its funny.lOl !!!