Written by: dharmy della

Her beauty glitters so bright i can't face her
Her sparkling white teeth well dentiotioned and moderately spaced.
Her body structure takes my breath away
Her hair,long, swavy, dark and shiny.
Her heart? hmmn...i'm hoping to find that out pretty soon.

Everyday, i see her and smile but she never for once smiled back
I come home with a frown and ask "when would she notice me"
I like her(no doubt) but i don't know how to tell her.
She walks smartly, dresses homely and jst my type!
How do i get her to notice me?would she ever do?
I think i know just what to do.

I'll just pour out my heart in a letter,
Leave it at her back door
While i wait for her to holla back
Telling me how she feel ...