My Say

Written by: Kristy De La Keur Scoveille

Today is the day
That I have my say
Then go 'bout my merry way.

I stand arms open wide
Needing not to be denied
Nor myself shall I hide.

This is who I am
No meek mild lamb
Nor do I give a damn!

As this is just me
As I am meant to be
So just wait and see

As I find my way
My demons I slay
My fears he does allay.

My path is chosen
I am no longer frozen
Though I am supposin'

That there are those
That will surely oppose
To them, I thumb my nose!

This is my chosen path.
You do the math 
If not, feel my wrath.

This may be a sin
But I will grin
And not feel chagrin.

I no longer have a care
So please do be aware
I now have my Bear!