Porcelain Lap

Written by: Abe Lopez

I am the porcelain dermis seat; I have been greeted by many without deceit. Doing the dirty work; I don’t mind - For this is my purpose; my daily grind - I watch young children potty train; Their parent’s efforts are not in vain. Will all young men please lift my seat? An angry young lady I don’t want to greet . I’ve been hugged by drunks in the A.M. I’m utterly disgusted at all of them……. The ‘ magic triad ‘ = a smile, kind word, and a touch. Of these three, “thank you!” is phrase I don’t hear very much :-( Wash me, clean me, and my lid don’t slam….. One day, you’re going to need me when you’re in a jam! Although my seat is sometimes cold; My heart is warm; and my courage is bold! Today we will meet and then depart: On your way out, a kind word impart………….. ***************************************************** Inspired by Matt's contest "speak chair speak"