I HATE......

Written by: shirin neshat

I hate my life, 
I hate the people I meet,
I hate the people I love,
They hurt me the most,
I hate guys,
I hate there ego,
I hate how they are controlling,
I hate how they are disrespectful,
I hate how they are mean,
I hate guys who are careless,
I hate how they got attitude,
I hate guys who are selfish,
I hate people who always compare themselves with me,
I hate competitions,
I hate liars,
I hate guys who got low self steam, 
I feel like TRUST is a big issue,
I feel betrayed,
I feel numb to the pain,
That it repeats over again,
I never meet good people,
I always meet the one that are grungy and hurtful,
I hate to have friends who lie,
I hate how nobody understands me,
I hate how people always insulate me,
I hope one day karma happens,
So they could feel the pain I have,
I hate how my time is running out,
I feel rushed into everything,
In a short amount of time,
I hate my life so much.