All I Have Left

Written by: Danielle White

Sirens screaming down the street/
cat at my feet/BBC on the tele/worried
about Kelly/air outside laden with moisture, rain/
carrying the song of a far away train/
brother can you take me back/where I came from/
can you take me back?/haunting Beatles tune no
one remembers/
so many Septembers/waiting for the arrival/
of the tool of survival/sterile
stainless steel/the past so real/hurry doc/the ticking
clock/is winding down/while no one's around/wisps of
grey ectoplasm/psychological spasm/
losing my grip/I'm too old to be so hip/:-P
life's been one long acid trip/too funny to die/
now, don't start to cry/
fish gotta' swim/
bird gotta' fly/
man gotta' ask himself: why, why, why/
laugh people, don't feel bereft/
humor, my friends, is all I have left.

© Danielle White