A Better Place

Written by: Margaret Okubo

The day the angels came for me
and took me by the hand
To lead me to a place they said
 would be the  promised land
When I arrived in Heaven
My eyes could only stare
At a place of  such awesome beauty rare.

Then came a gloriously brilliant Sight
That sat upon a throne 
Reflections of priceless gems
Speared prisms off the  throne
Dazzled and amazed I fell to my knees
A heap of useless bones

Thank you God I prayed
for having me here
Never ever leave me
 but always keep me near
Then choirs of heavenly hosts
Sang praises to the king
 As I lay prostrate at His feet 
 Beneath  His healing wings.

No better place is there for me
 Than beside  this throne of  Grace
Nor better time to be
Here in this heavenly place..