The Devil & The Kennedys (Part Two)

Written by: Danielle White

His voice the hiss of serpents,
he acknowledged the pact unmade,
but now he was here to tell him
how the debt would be repaid.

"All your sons, and all their sons,"
the devil's eyes glowed red,
"will perish while still very young,
yes, all of them, cold and dead."

With that, the devil vanished,
not long after, Joseph died,
and Jack, now the eldest,
found his career on the rise.

He married a well-bred woman,
she made a beautiful bride,
but their first-born child, a son,
very quickly died.

But how the public loved him,
the White House was Camelot,
but Satan hadn't forgotten,
and guided Oswald's shot.

Next in line was Bobby,
and he soon, too, was slain,
now Edward became paranoid,
though justified, ashamed.

Edward wasn't pleased with God,
the curse of his surname,
he knew someone would kill him,
if only for the fame.

And, one day, those fateful words
slipped through his lips as well,
the devil appeared as a gent,
and with a pact to sell.

Now, Edward was not evil,
but perhaps a little weak,
vehemently he refused, at first,
but Satan continued to speak.

The devil knew his weak spots,
affirmed he'd soon be dead,
then offered an alternative,
made up of hope and dread.

"You will live a long and worthwhile life,
and your children will live, too,
but in exchange for these gifts,
there are two things you must do:

You must find a young and innocent girl
and give her soul to me.
You, alone, must take her life,
but you'll escape scot-free.

The other thing you must give me
is your most passionate dream,
that is, to become president,"
the devil's smile obscene.

Well, Chappaquiddick happened,
and he got off scot-free,
I think he tried to be the best,
most honorable he could be.

But Satan keeps his promises,
and John-John's plane went down,
and now the pact is finished,
for there's no more left around.

©Danielle White