I Just Want To Escape

Written by: Sara Khaled

How can i tell you how much i love you?
It's just impossible as you well know.

I take my pen and let everyone see,
how much you, my angel, mean to me.

I just want to escape into your lovely eyes,
Be in your arms and hear your content sighs.

I want us to run away,
Let's go somewhere by the bay.

Why don't we just leave our troubles behind?
Just forget about them and rest our mind.

I love you and, your's, forever I'll be,
Now we are "us" and not "you" or "me".

I just want to escape to a place where we can be alone,
A place where i can see you and hear your tone.

Stay with me and don't make me miss you,
I love you so much, you have no clue.

I love you so much baby,
I'm sure about our love and there is never a "maybe".