The end of a beginning

Written by: John Streeter

You know, sometimes I wonder throughout life's blunder's in pursuit of my
wonders.  How do the bird's know to acclimate themselves's when there's a change
in the weather?  Why do some people's ask why? for the moans of a woman is a
persistent to her sadness.  For (6)six day's it took to creat this world is due to
tribulation of God's gladness.  Gas prices and its cost to the pocketbook and now look,
most of the astonishing new's we hear about is always the same. 
    People we put our trust in, and also the welfare of places and thing's end up cost-
ing more than we ever thought possible.  The result being-a scandle that brings about
shame.  But head's must be helt amongst the high and mighty, because the root of 
life's problems and life itself-becomes, "the end of a beginning" when one seek too
count the lost of our "Surrendering".