i need you

Written by: Monica Nealy

I need you

I need you to love, hug, kiss and touch me

To caress my body with your fingertips, kissing me passionately with your sweet lips

I need you to hold my hand, to be my strong side, and help me stand

To slip your arms around my waist, intriguing me to venture into your sweet taste

I need you to hold me and never let me go nurturing the inner depths of my soul

To make me smile while starring into my eyes, holding me close, watching the sunset 
and rise

I need you to gently make love to me, whispering my name in my ears, bringing me 
hope, and eliminating all of my fears

To delight every part of my body, laying next to me all through the night, till the 
early hours of dawns first light

I need you to need me, making this life meaningful, and together making our love 
shine so beautiful

I need you