Snowflakes fall outside my window

Written by: Faire Lucas

Snowflakes fall outside my window,
scattering in the winter air,
piling high, reaching for the sky,
all i can do is look out and stare

raindrops fall outside my window,
dripping down like soft tears,
pitter, patter, what a sound,
to listen in and hear

Sunshine falls outside my window,
how dearly i wish to stand in the light,
but i am sick and cannot walk,
so all i can do is dream what it's like

Doctors come into the room,
racing towards my hurried breaths,
i hear them say, she'll die today,
and close my eyes to rest...

snowflakes fall outside my window,
ranindrops and sunshine does too,
but i'm not in bed, for i am dead,
and i can experience the weather like you

To all sick children, who have never been able to live life to full depths....