How Could You ? To my Son Joshua, Whom I Love Very Much

Written by: Richard Pickett

How could you turn your back on him?
What has he ever done to you?
Except to give you all his love,
So innocent and true.

You disappear for years on end,
And never leave a word.
No birthday cards or Christmas days,
I find that quite absurd.

He is not alone in your evil deeds,
For you have three more.
You didn't even say good-bye,
When you walked through the door.

How could you even call yourself, 
A mother in the sense?
You can't even spell the word,
Not from this time hence.

How could you even sleep at night?
Knowing what you've done,
How could you even walk away?
And leave our darling son.

How could your feelings be so cold?
How could you ever love?
How is it, that your desires,
Always rise above.

How could your darn addictions,
Come before your kids?
How is it you can live with yourself?
Knowing all of this.

How could you just give him up?
As if he were not there,
How could you turn and close your eyes?
And show you do not care.

How could I be so lucky?
That you've done what you've done,
You have given me the greatest gift,
You let me raise my son!

  For You Josh.... I love you Son....Dad