Walk the green wreathed marble back!

Written by: Shishir Gupta

Sintered tiles of green wreathed marbles
bejewelled in steps that elevate to where you are entombed
incense wafts white and slate, demure and shy
my growing guilt is deflowered by your-her friend's- sly smirk
she scoffs along-was she forgotten, faded and gone when you left her cow carcass dead
she winced and sighed names that were you- breathing in your sights and smells
that had faded bad and blue, she had meant it with every cigar cad
she was whisky and powder for long till we had her
and they screwed and pinned her to her cross
her passion was her death as it guffawed along
your memory comes late..she is lying in state!

I pay ,bray,stay,hay,lay and walk the green wreathed marble back!