Written by: Shishir Gupta

 was so upset and mixed up
    the web of emotions so complex
        my heart sobbed and tears dried
          my mind numbed and pretty well froze
            I was aimless and anchorless wandering
              feeling down and out and at a future bleak
                you came in like fresh breeze scented and cool
                  you held me soft cradeled and cosily warm and safe
                  I squirmed for warmth and you blew in a hot ballast
                    warming me so well and comfortable in al pores and ways
                      you spew love that overflowed thoug you were so unsure
                        I grabbed all that you strew in my direction like an orphan
                          and continued the genrous take
                          till one fine day I heard and saw
                            for sure and dead sure
                            that you had come
                              from a hurt
                                a bad one and so curt.

I adore the rebuilding energy that you regenerated mine and we are