Swell Chick

Written by: Shishir Gupta

Chick was in swell shape
sending hoopla and woopla in mates
walking the planky swanky
she swung the hippy bad
showing the rosy vine tatoo
that sneaked serpentine
from her knee side to rind pine
roses blinking pluck me pluck me
see you cannot duck me duck me
her midis did a funky fad
her jugs shrugged 
more than her shoulders could
and lips pouted oh! God
come hither will ya
eyes flashed like sea-shore search lights
and all could see her lights and sights
the eyes followed her fixed
she had them licked
a oomphy girly had never walked
the wooden plank with so much clank
and that had all the dogs 
following behind in file and rank.