She is royally consorted and orgasmic

Written by: Shishir Gupta

Genuflecting specks of passion, stupored,glistening
waltzing gel of probing and probed, simmering
yet tranquil in streams on plateau milky whites,

each rivulet wailing its tale rosy ballad sung,

spasmodic staccato on pitchy highs

volcano erupts hot and high 

the writing intensifies etched deep

air is filled with stifled and escaped gasps,

yet neighbors do not seem to arise

faces flushed with oxygen, 

blood rushing in good gather

closely entwined they tether

vines riding on each other

sometime this one and at other that

the royal tumble is an intense rumble fumble

victorious apparent is a loser all right

won the fight but lost marrow juice anon

the winner takes it all, bitten lips and contorted (sic)

gleefully smiling draining the juice of the lemon

guess she is royally consorted and orgasmic!