Sun Following the Shadow

Written by: Shishir Gupta

Past harks out in chirp, those sad lores
that have dried tears wrapped in autumn leaves
hopes and aspirations raped till blue
grief taped tight like glue.

Years went in events failed
in wounds ,salty fingers railed
everything tried 
eventually cried.

Now is no better
just got a broken one
and a bone setter
cracked three
as I tried
the jump,
did I crash
with a thump
that I did
did not matter
I won
a gold
in my hold
did ..!

This day and this hour 
seems like I pay well for
what I do win
with hard work or sin
with perspire or grime
but it is not all lime.

Dunno what holds in dark
is there any spark
away from the bloody stark
there is that green park
where I sit and ponder
eyes going yonder
did I not do enough running
should I not stop gunning
let the targets walk
let them stalk
you run
as a shadow
and let them follow
like sun.