Lord Bless our Troops

Written by: Ronald Bingham

I wrote a letter just today,
To a young soldier in a land that’s far away.
The letter I wrote was hard for me to write,
Cause he may be in a life or death situation, while I sit here safe tonight.

In a place where we deem is cruel and uncaring,
Our young men and women fight and some die, all for a word called freedom which they are
No one chooses to die or come home crippled for life, though many do,
To take to a foreign land the glories of freedom, which others once did and or doing for
me and you.

Freedom comes with a price, and sacrifice seems to be the only way to keep us free,
And that is exactly what those young men and women do everyday for you and me.
Think about it, those that come back safe, stood in harms way, and had to leave family and
Why? Is it because so many in this world can’t get along and make amends?

Well young fellow you take care and know that there are many who hold you in their prayers,
Keep well and we await your safe return for we know you’ve done your share.