i wake up in the morring'

Written by: alisa cook

i wake up in the morring thinking about you
wondering what your doing and are you goinga be true.
i wake up in the night with your word's laying in my heart,
telling me are love is strong and can't be torn apart' .

i wonder if it's true in a world so unfair where heart's play like fire and never 
touch  air ,never seem to relize the one that's really there .
so i lay awake listening to my heart, the thing we did once share. 
i wonder when you'll say you love me again 
and hold me once again like the way you held me when our love frist begain.

i wonder our we really strong or is it just a strong word ? 
cause lately you been pretty weak ' and have'nt heard a word you say there's thing's 
going on with sickness and life and you rather not comment to me untill these thing's are 
right.  but dont you know that i'm here for you in sickness and in life i'd never leave you 
or make you cry. 

when i love a person i love them right i give my heart for the rest of there life...