Duty or Burden?

Written by: linda smith

I joined of my own free will,
no conscription did force me,
for I do not apply.

For nearly two decades,
I did obey an inner calling,
one I carried since childhood.

I felt a desire to be a part of
the greatest gang in the world.
Finally, I did achieve my intent,
for half my life,
I lived the dream.
I performed well,
loving every moment, 
not understanding why.

I did what many could or would not do.
I did the unimaginable.
Over and over again.
I did all that was asked of me.
I didn't do it for myself,
I did it for Them.

Now my dream rudely ends.
To be awakened abruptly by the fact
I am no longer wanted.
My goal just beyond my fingertips,
whisked away by a penstroke.

Now I try to imagine myself
without the brotherhood.
It feels dreary and cold.

How can such a great place
use our youth in such a way
then discard them along the road of life?
Unwanted? Rejected?

We now trudge through life, 
purposeless. Without fight.
We live in the past,
with the visions they created.